Messi not play 2026 World Cup, explained Messi – Bad News for Messi Fan

Don’t play in 2026 World Cup, Lionel Messi said a day before. Messi, who completed the circle of success with the World Cup in Qatar, was unlikely to play in the next World Cup at the age of 39. Therefore, such a decision of Messi was not something like thunder without a cloud at all.

However, since the name is Messi, it is natural for the fans to feel regret about his not playing. And after seeing the ever-known Messi against Australia in a friendly match in Beijing, that regret will increase many times. LM10 may have explained to those fans why he won’t be able to play in the 2026 World Cup.


LM10 scored the first goal in Argentina’s 2–0 win over Australia. That’s when the age of the match is only 80 seconds. It was the fastest goal in the Argentina captain’s nearly two-decade career. After the match, Messi spoke to Argentine media TYC Sports. When asked about the upcoming World Cup, he said, “What I said about the World Cup is normal. It will be difficult to play the World Cup because of age and time. — 2023 New Movie Oppenheimer: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Free Watch!

Messi Not Play in 2026 WORLD CUP

The 2022 World Cup will be held in November-December but the 2026 World Cup will be held in June-July. Which is still three years away from now. He feels there are plenty of opportunities to be busy ahead of the World Cup. For now, he is thinking about them, ‘I am enjoying every moment, every day. Then there are the World Cup qualifiers and the Copa America. The World Cup is too far away to think about. A new cycle will begin, the qualifiers are ahead. What I have achieved, I will not sit on. We have to think about what is coming ahead. — 2023 New Movie Oppenheimer: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Free Watch!

China witnessed a special moment in Messi’s career. Messi won gold for Argentina in Beijing Olympics in 2008. After defeating Australia in Beijing, Messi reiterated that he enjoyed coming to China, “We have always enjoyed coming here.” It was difficult to play here today because of the humidity, the heat. However, despite these things, we have continued to play forward with the same goal as always.

Messi’s next match in Asia tour is against Indonesia. After that, Argentina will start qualifying for the South American region of the 2026 World Cup. Scaloni’s team’s journey to the qualifiers starting next September will begin with a match against Ecuador. —2023 New Movie Oppenheimer: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Free Watch!

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