‘Warrior Nun’ to return as a film trilogy- film News

Following the reveal of the Warrior Nun being resurrected after the cancellation at Netflix, it has been now learned that the series will return as a trilogy of movies. The executive producer of the series Dean English revealed the news in a YouTube video and a statement posted on a website set up to save Warrior Nun.

Dean English’s statement on the site read, “I need to start by thanking all of you loyal fans. It’s because of you and your incredible energy that we keep pushing forward to make these stories. You guys really make it all worthwhile. So thank you so much for your continued support,” Dean started the statement.

“I am very happy to announce that Warrior Nun is coming back as a trilogy of motion pictures. Once again, a trilogy of feature films. Three,” he further added. English also revealed that he could not make any further announcements in the wake of the ongoing WGA and AFRA strike, “One thing we need to touch on involves the strike in Hollywood involving actors and writers. And it’s due to that that we cannot make any announcements today on that front.”

Warrior Nun is inspired by the comic book character Nun Areala, originally created by Ben Dunn and published by Antarctic Press. The story revolves around a 19-year-old woman, Ava Silva, who wakes up in a morgue with newfound vitality and supernatural abilities. She discovers she is part of the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, charged with battling demons on Earth.

Warrior Nun debuted on July 2020 and renewed for a second season, which got released on November 2022. Despite the positive reception, the series was cancelled on Netflix. After the cancellation, fans protested to bring back the show. And an online campaign, #SaveWarriorNun gained a lot of traction. Warrior Nun features Alba Baptista in the lead role. The series also stars Toya Turner, Lorena Andrea & Kristina Tonteri-Youn.

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