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Shamshera Review: Viewers is Fed Up With All These Shams


Shamshera Review: After getting its hype cut down a little bit by the Bhramastra trailer and then the fantastic YRF promotion skills where they did not even talk about the movie, Shamshera finally hit the theaters.

Even after all the downside, Shamshera was a much-awaited movie, and most of the reason is the teaser and Ranbir Kapoor. There might have been a little shift in the fans’ emotions after the teaser and trailer, but many fans were waiting for the movie.

And we can see that from the business that Shamshera did on the first day. Shamshera was able to gather up 10 crores on an opening day, that might not be that much, but it is still a very good figure.

We have not seen a mass commercial like Shamshera in a very long time, so it was awaited by us also. So, does it match the expectations of falls down completely? Here are us, with Shamshera’s review, telling you the good and bad aspects of the movie.

Shamshera Review: Plot

Shamshera follows the story of a Khmerian tribe who were pushed out of their homeland by Mughals. They somehow find solace in a new place, but they are still considered low lives because of caste.

The tribe have to resort to being dacoits and stealing from the rich. They are led by their leader Shamshera. The movie then jumps 25 years in time where Bali, who is Shamshera’s son, realizes his destiny and fights for the freedom of his tribe.

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Shamshera Review: What Worked For The Movie?


The music album of Shamshera is a masterpiece. The album grows on you slowly and steadily over time. At first, you might think the album is a missed opportunity, but it will grow on you. And you will realize how brilliant it actually is.

At first, you might think that the songs are really bad. But they are not. Shamshera’s title track can be a perfect gym song, while Ji Huzoor is a completely welcome song to take your mind of other things. The album might not be 10/10, but it is still a perfectly good album.


The dialogues of this movie are my weak points. Any masala movie with such strong dialogues will always have a place in my heart. Shamshera’s dialogue is amazing throughout. And the way the cast member delivered those dialogues is commendable as well.

The dialogue “Paatal kaa keeda kabhi aasmaan chu sakta hai kya?” summed up the caste differentiation better than the whole movie. There are so many other amazing dialogues.

Cinematography and Action Scenes

I don’t know where to put this one. Certain action scenes are just mind-blowing while others are just senseless. I am just giving the makers of this movie a little bit of credit because the good action scenes are mind-blowing.

Whereas the bad action scenes are just abysmal. And that is saying something. The train robbery scene might be one of the most atrociously bad things I have seen in a while.


Ranbir Kapoor has given his 200 percent in this role. He realized that he is returning after 4 years and had to leave a mark, and he did that brilliantly. He was everywhere and was shining everywhere.

Sanjay Dutt was just beautiful in his role. I will always pick Shudh Singh over Adheera any time of the day. He was that good. Ronit Roy and other side cast members also did a very good job and make the movie worthwhile.

Shamshera Review

Shamshera Review: What Worked For The Movie?


The movie is based in 1871 and all the make-up and dress-up has been done with regard to 2021. I don’t know how is that possible with YRF as the production company. Vaani Kapoor is wearing a drop shoulder dress in 1871.

Ranbir Kapoor’s fake beard looks like falling every time he removes his mask. The beard is so fake that is visible in every scene and it is bad. Ranbir Kapoor mother will look exactly the same after 25 years.


The movie is almost 3 hours long and out of those 2 hours is just slow and bad. The first 30 minutes of the movie are really exciting. But as soon as Bali is introduced the movie becomes slow and rugged.

The songs are placed badly in the movie and it was like I was watching a bad musical most of the time. Characters explaining Bali about his past every time becomes annoying after the second time only.


Shamshera had so much potential and they could have made it work. The caste system could have been something beautiful, rather the screenplay made it a dull affair. And can anyone tell me why is everyone calling out Shamshera every 10 minutes?

There are so many senseless scenes that do not make any sense whatsoever. So many questionable scenes and you will be left dumbfounded.

No Emotional Depth

There is absolutely no emotional depth that the movie serves. You will not feel for any character, for any storyline. It is just a plain old masala movie with nothing else going for it. People will die and you won’t feel a thing.

Shamshera Review: Is It Worth It?

Shamshera Review: After seeing all things, Shamshera is not worth it. You can wait for it to drop on the OTT platform and watch it there. It is sad to see that Ranbir Kapoor‘s comeback which was hyped so much turned out like this.

There are certainly strong points in the movie but weak points as well. And when the weak points are this much stronger than the strong points, you should skip the movie overall.

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