Russia claims sending fighter jet to escort US drone over Black Sea

Russia said it sent a fighter jet to escort a US MQ-9A Reaper reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea as it approached its border.

Source: Russian news agency TASS; European Pravda

The National Defence Control Center of the Russian Federation said that on 5 August, airspace controls detected a target approaching the state border of Russia over the Black Sea.

“To recognise the air target and prevent violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, a Su-30 fighter jet was taken to the sky. The crew of the Russian fighter jet identified the air target as an MQ-9A Reaper reconnaissance UAV of the US Air Force,” the statement said.

After the approach of the fighter jet, MQ-9A Reaper supposedly turned around from the Russian border, and the Su-30 returned to its home airfield.

The Russian Federation added that the fighter jet flew “in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace over neutral waters.”


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