Marvel Reveals Uncanny Spider Man’s First Big Bad In Exclusive Preview

In Looper’s exclusive first look at “Uncanny Spider-Man” #1 pages one through four, readers witness Kurt Wagner stopping what looks to be an armed robbery. The three-toed X-Man surprises several masked robbers who have apparently stolen a container of human organs. (Yikes!)

The second image features the new Spider-Man going after his organ-stealing foes. Nightcrawler dives at the criminals, knocking their bike over and sending them crashing into the ground.

Our third preview page features Nightcrawler enjoying a pizza under a church steeple’s bell. Spider-Man swings down to hang with the hero, who surely has questions about why there’s another Spider-hero crimefighting in his city. However, considering his relationship with Nightcrawler and the X-Men, Spidey likely won’t put up much of a challenge to Kurt’s offer of additional help — unless he has a really good reason for doing so.

The final preview page features the return of a classic Spider-Man villain with a significant power upgrade. The Vulture appears with new wings, a new helmet, and what appears to be some seriously advanced tech. Vulture’s upgrade comes courtesy of Orchis, the organization that is leading the public campaign against the X-Men. Vulture getting new tech and working alongside the anti-mutant organization to push their agenda shows how serious the group is about spreading propaganda and using powerful players to push its bigoted ideas to the masses.

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