Marvel Just Teased A Spider-Man Sequel Nobody Wanted

Marvel Just Teased A Spider Man Sequel Nobody Wanted

Whereas Spider-Man’s tales have lengthy been amongst among the brightest and most enjoyable Marvel Comics has ever printed, the hero has additionally skilled some glorious darker tales as nicely, from “Kraven’s Final Hunt” to the hero’s struggles with the symbiote swimsuit that ultimately spawned Venom. “Spider-Man: Reign,” nevertheless, was one in every of Marvel’s greatest swings and misses at telling a extra harrowing story starring Peter Parker.

The four-issue story featured the deaths of a number of characters in a darkish Marvel future, however none had been extra head-scratching than revealing Mary Jane Watson was now not round as a result of she had succumbed to most cancers brought on by having intercourse with Peter.

The radioactive… fluids and picture revealing Peter’s genitals apart (oh, boy), the story is mainly only a tragic Spider-Man story the place the hero comes out of retirement to cope with an authoritative regime in New York Metropolis. It options a number of Spider-Man villains, together with the “Sinner Six,” aged supervillains Kraven, Electro, Mysterio, and others whom the corrupt mayor controls.

The story ends with Spider-Man taking down the Sinner Six and promising to return to motion after years of retirement. It appeared like a pure endpoint for the comedian, however now it seems Marvel is bringing it again.

Marvel will quickly reveal what the promo picture truly represents. But when “Spider-Man: Reign” has been given a sequel, as many assume it has, will probably be one of many extra perplexing selections the writer has made in a while. Nearly no one desires extra of the controversial storyline. Related – List of Nominees – Latest Nominess Report 2023

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