Legacy Of Monsters Unleashes First Look At Godzilla In New MonsterVerse Show

Legacy Of Monsters Unleashes First Look At Godzilla In New

The synopsis for “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” also states that Army Officer Lee Shaw’s journey takes place over the course of half a century, beginning in the 1950s. This was an interesting time in the Monarch organization’s history, too, as they tried to kill Godzilla and other creatures with a nuclear bomb. As such, the show might dig into those events and examine the effect they had on the world.

This decade also featured the Great Smog of London, which, in MonsterVerse lore, was believed to have been caused by a giant winged creature. With that in mind, fans can probably look forward to “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” being a globe-trotting adventure that chronicles the titular scientific body visiting different corners of the world, from London to Skull Island.

Given that Monarch has existed since 1946, the Apple+ series has plenty of history to explore. And if the early images are anything to go by, that history will be occupied by an array of colossal creatures who’ve roamed the lands since long before humans even existed.

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