Chucky Confirms Season 3 Premiere Date & Jennifer Tilly’s Return In Raunchy Teaser

Chucky Confirms Season 3 Premiere Date Jennifer Tillys Return

It wouldn’t be much of a press conference if it didn’t completely derail by the end, and Chucky has a lot of thoughts on being compared to the other popular doll property out there right now. He gets asked, “What’s your response to critics that say there have been way too many doll movies recently?” Chucky reminds the reporter that the SyFy series is not a movie and that he’s already done seven movies (obviously not including the 2019 reboot). Despite the reporter’s apologies, Chucky insists he’s coming after her, and that’s when the feed cuts out.

Fortunately, there’s still more for “Chucky” fans to get out of their favorite rageful doll. In true politician fashion, Chucky’s Twitter account also includes a comment offering a phone number for people to text to get more information about joining the Chucky Party. Texting the number (201-500-3347) will give you a response from Chucky himself, where he reiterates Season 3 is coming out soon and provides more ways to stay in the loop to get even more messages from the doll.

You can catch up with Chucky’s escapades by watching the first season on Peacock, Shudder, or SyFy. Season 2 has yet to arrive on streaming, but one would assume it would be made available prior to Season 3’s release.

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