Canada Visa Photo Size: Your Ultimate Guide to Compliant Visa Photos in 2023

When applying for a visa to enter Canada, one of the crucial requirements is the submission of a properly formatted visa photo. The Canadian government has specific guidelines regarding the size and quality of visa photos, and adherence to these guidelines is essential to avoid delays or rejections in the application process. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the Canada visa photo size, ensuring a seamless application experience.

Canada Visa Photo Size: A Comprehensive Guide to Ensure a Smooth Application Process

Visa Photo Dimensions:
canada visa photo size

The standard dimensions for a Canada visa photo are 35mm wide and 45mm high (35mm x 45mm). It is important to ensure that the photo meets these exact measurements, as any deviation may lead to rejection of the application.

Head Size and Positioning:
canada visa photo size

The applicant’s head should be centered within the photo, occupying 31mm to 36mm (approximately 70-80% of the photo’s total height). The head’s height, measured from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin, should be between 31mm and 36mm as well. Ensure that the head is not tilted, and both sides of the face are visible clearly.


The background of the visa photo should be plain white or off-white in color. Avoid patterns, textures, or any other distractions in the background. The objective is to maintain a clear contrast between the applicant’s face and the background.

Facial Expression and Attire:

The applicant should maintain a neutral facial expression with both eyes open and mouth closed. Avoid wearing hats, headbands, or any other headwear that may obscure the face. However, exceptions are made for religious or medical reasons, provided the face remains clearly visible. Additionally, applicants should avoid wearing glasses with tinted lenses or any glare that obstructs the eyes.

Photo Quality:
canada visa photo size

The photo must be of high quality, with sharp focus and clear resolution. It should be printed on photo-quality paper, and the image should not be digitally altered or enhanced in any way. Ensure that the photo has sufficient brightness and contrast to highlight the facial features accurately.

Photo Age and Authenticity:

The Canada visa application requires recent photos taken within the last six months. It is essential to submit an up-to-date photo that represents your current appearance. Additionally, the photo should be a true likeness of the applicant and should not be digitally manipulated to misrepresent any facial features.

How to Obtain a Proper Visa Photo:

To obtain a proper Canada visa photo, it is recommended to visit a professional photographer or a specialized photo studio. Inform the photographer that the photo is for a Canadian visa application, so they can adhere to the specific requirements.

Digital Photo Submission:

In recent years, the Canadian government has started accepting digital photos for online visa applications. If submitting a digital photo, ensure that the image file meets the specified size and format requirements.

Rejected Visa Photos:

It is important to understand that a non-compliant visa photo can lead to the rejection of the entire visa application. Common reasons for visa photo rejections include incorrect dimensions, improper head positioning, obscured facial features, and unsuitable background colors. To avoid unnecessary delays and additional expenses, applicants should double-check their visa photos before submission and ensure they meet all the prescribed guidelines.

Online Photo Checkers:

To assist applicants in verifying whether their visa photos meet the necessary criteria, some official websites offer online photo checkers. These tools allow applicants to upload their photos and quickly determine if they comply with the specific requirements. Utilizing such resources can provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of a rejected application due to photo-related issues.

Photo Specifications for Different Visa Types:

It is essential to note that the visa photo specifications may vary depending on the type of visa being applied for. For example, the photo requirements for a tourist visa might differ from those of a student visa or a work permit. Applicants must carefully review the specific guidelines for their particular visa category to ensure that the correct photo size and other specifications are met.

Children and Infant Visa Photos:

For children and infants, the same photo requirements apply as for adult applicants. However, the rules for head positioning and facial expression might be slightly more lenient to account for the challenges of photographing young children. Parents or guardians should ensure that the child’s face is visible, and the photo accurately represents their appearance.

Using Photo Booths and Self-Taken Photos:

While professional photographers are recommended for visa photo purposes, some applicants may consider using photo booths or taking their own pictures. If opting for this approach, individuals must exercise caution and follow the official guidelines precisely. Many photo booths offer specific visa photo options, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that the resulting images meet the required standards.

Retaking Visa Photos:

In case the visa photo is rejected or if there is any doubt regarding its compliance, applicants should not hesitate to retake the photo and submit a new one. It is better to invest a little extra time and effort to ensure a properly formatted photo rather than risking delays and complications during the application process.


The Canada visa photo size is a crucial element of the visa application process, and adherence to the specified guidelines is of utmost importance. A properly formatted, high-quality, and recent visa photo will not only expedite the application but also demonstrate the applicant’s attention to detail and commitment to meeting the Canadian government’s requirements. By following the guidelines outlined in this article and consulting official resources, applicants can navigate the visa photo requirements with confidence and increase their chances of a successful visa application. Remember that the visa photo serves as the applicant’s first impression, so it is crucial to make it count!

Adhering to the prescribed guidelines for Canada visa photo size is a critical aspect of a successful visa application. A properly formatted and recent visa photo will significantly increase the chances of a smooth application process. Always remember to follow the specific dimensions, head positioning, background, and photo quality to avoid any unnecessary delays or complications in obtaining your Canadian visa. It is advisable to consult the official Canadian government website or the nearest Canadian embassy for the most up-to-date information on visa photo requirements. —Remembering Nitin Desai: A Tribute to the Visionary Bollywood Best Art Director at 57

FAQs: Canada Visa Photo Size

What is the Canada visa photo size for 2023?
The Canada visa photo size for 2023 is 35mm wide and 45mm high (35mm x 45mm). Adhering to these specific dimensions is crucial for a successful application.

Can I use a digital photo for my Canada visa application?
Yes, the Canadian government now accepts digital photos for online visa applications. Ensure that the image file meets the specified size and format requirements.

Are there any specific guidelines for head positioning in the visa photo?
Yes, your head should be centered in the photo, occupying 31mm to 36mm (approximately 70-80% of the photo’s height). The head’s height, from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin, should also be between 31mm and 36mm.

Is there a preferred background color for the visa photo?
Yes, the background should be plain white or off-white. Avoid using patterns or textures to maintain a clear contrast between your face and the background.

Can I wear glasses in the visa photo?
While glasses are allowed, ensure they do not have tinted lenses or any glare that obstructs your eyes. It is best to avoid glasses with reflections that could hinder facial visibility.

How recent should the visa photo be?
The Canadian government requires visa photos taken within the last six months. Make sure your photo accurately represents your current appearance.

What if my visa photo is rejected?
Rejected visa photos can cause application delays. If your photo is rejected, promptly retake a compliant one to avoid any complications in the process.

Can children and infants have different photo requirements?
While the same photo requirements apply to children and infants, there might be slight leniency in head positioning and facial expressions to account for their age.

Can I use a photo booth for my visa photo?
While photo booths are an option, be cautious and ensure that the resulting images meet the official guidelines. Professional photographers are recommended for accurate compliance.

How can I check if my visa photo meets the requirements?
Some official websites offer online photo checkers for visa applications. Utilize these tools to verify if your photo meets the specific guidelines before submission.

Navigating the Canada visa photo size requirements is essential for a successful application. Ensure your photo meets all the necessary guidelines to avoid any rejections or delays during the process.

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