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Again ‘Japan’ will echo, the secret of ‘Kashipur Wale Baba’ is back!


Ashram 3 Trailer Released: Becoming the God of Kaliyuga, ‘Baba’ will openly play with the faith of the devotees. Now, this ashram has become infamous ashram.

MX Player has aired a gorgeous trailer of this famous series which looks quite impressive. Watch the trailer of Ashram 3.

The kingdom of Baba of Kashipur has returned once again, in such a situation, once again the sound of chanting will resonate in the ears.

So there again the illusion of Baba’s dark intentions will spread. In Bobby Deol’s starrer Ashram 3, there will be excesses in the Andheri city of Baba. Will the people of this dark city get salvation? Baba Nirala of Ashram& is coming back, will Pummy destroy Nirala’s empire?

This is going to be seen in the third part of Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Ashram’, about which the fans are very excited.

The trailer of Ashram Season 3 has been released in which Baba Nirala has returned and is more powerful and smarter this time.

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Those who will not only wear Baba’s cloak this time but will openly play with the faith of the devotees by becoming the God of Kali Yuga.

Now, this ashram has become an infamous ashram. MX Player has aired a gorgeous trailer of this famous series which looks quite impressive.

Produced and directed by Prakash Jha, the series stars Bobby Deol in the lead role. Stream all episodes of this MX Original Series for free on MX Player.

Which will start on 3rd June 2022. MX Player’s most-watched show Ashram revolves around Mahapaap.

What’s in the trailer.

MX Player today released the trailer of ‘Ek Badnaam-Ashram’. The thrilling trailer is taken from the last season where Baba Nirala says to be fearless.

His craze for power has intensified this season, making him the Ajay dream of being. He has full faith that he will rule the entire kingdom in the same way arbitrarily and one day he will take the command of the world into his hands.

The power of the ashram is at its peak, in this ‘disgraced’ ashram women continue to exploit, indulge in the drug trade, and control the politics of the city.

On the other hand, Pammi gets sleepless nights to take revenge on Lord Nirala. Will Ujagar Singh be able to help Pammi get justice and expose the ‘disgraced’ ashram?

Watch the trailer here:-

Regarding the third series of Ashram, director Prakash Jha said, “It is my passion to make films. It is my privilege to work with such enthusiastic and passionate actors and technicians who believed in me and made the story exactly what I wanted.

With Ashram too we have lived the same enthusiasm, passion, and excitement. Also, being MX Player’s original series,

It has been a successful addition, receiving a lot of love from the audience and becoming the most-watched web series on the OTT platform. I am excited to see the reaction of the audience on Ek Badnaam-Ashram 3.”

Talking about the series, Bobby Deol says, “I am thrilled to be working with Prakash Jha and MX Player once again.

The story of Prakashji’s ashram inspired me to sign this project and I will be forever grateful for that.

Baba’s character will deepen in each chapter and Season 3 has a color that will keep the audience glued to their seats. There is also a big thing related to this series.

That through this series MX Player has got more views than any platform in India. It is second only to YouTube and has become one of the most-watched shows on OTT.

The credit for this goes to Prakashji’s powerful story, the reach of MX Player, and the hard work of the entire team working on it.

Our show has been watched for more than two seasons of IPL. The ashram is a powerful and captivating chain that has given me the experience of a lifetime.”


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