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10 Hottest Ullu Web Series Actresses Whose Names You Need to Know Now

The post is titled “Top 10 Ullu Web Series Actress Name 2023” and poses the question “Who is the hot actress in the Ullu web series?” The author welcomes the reader and notes that the post contains entertaining information. Read more about ullu

It is suggested that those over the age of 18 are familiar with the Ullu OTT platform, which offers series and movies in various regional languages of India. The post highlights that Ullu’s web series consistently feature hot and romantic storylines that may give viewers goosebumps. Examples of such series include Charamsukh, Palangtod, and Riti Riwaj.

Ullu web series actress all web series, you can see beautiful & hot actresses with lead roles. Sometimes many people are confused about selecting the best actress web series on Ullu.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series Actress Name 2023

The top 10 Ullu web series actress in 2023 are highly sought after due to the platform’s fast growth in India. Ullu is known for its provocative web series and erotica, which have gained popularity both domestically and internationally.

The success of Ullu’s web series is largely due to the women who play pivotal roles in the story. Ullu actresses are known for their stunning beauty, intelligence, seductiveness, charm, and s e x appeal. The most popular web series on Ullu include Charmsukh, Palangtod, and Hotspot.

Despite the fact that the sole reason for the Ullu web series is this, many viewers have become addicted to re-watching them. The inclusion of new and attractive female actresses in each web series has caused confusion among viewers.

While these actresses may not be as well-known as Bollywood stars, their acting ability, charisma, attractiveness, and sex appeal have carved out a new niche in the web series market. Many of the actresses in Ullu web series have gained notoriety.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series Actress Name List 2023

This section contains the Direct List of the Top 10 Ullu Webseries Female Actresses along with their names and bios. Please refer to the list provided below.

1. Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur is a renowned actress on the Ullu App, having gained fame for her role in the online series “Palangtod gaon ki Garmi.” Her portrayal of Auntie garnered significant support from viewers.


The lead role in Gaon’s Garmi season 2 web series was portrayed by Mahi Kaur, previously accessible on the ullu app. Mahi has featured in numerous web series on the Ullu App and collaborated with other OTT platforms such as Kooku and Voovi.

2. Ankita Dave

Social media celebrity Ankita Dave commenced her career in Ullu’s web series “Singaardaan,” where she portrayed a minor character.

image 1

Ankita worked with other ott applications after that. “Matakni Ke Matke,” a web serial by Ankita Dave that debuted on the rabbit app, is her most well-known work.

3. Priya Gamre

One of the stars of Ullu who is rising the fastest is Priya Gamre. The most well-known ullu web series created by Priya is “Maa Devrani Beti Jethani.”

image 2

She has since worked on a number of ullu online shows. The newest ullu web serial from Priya Gamre is called “Sahahad.” This web series has two segments thus far. This online series is included in the list of well-known ullu web series.

4. Nikhita Chopra

Famous Indian model and actress from the web series, Nikhita Chopra. Nikhita Chopra is well-liked by everybody. She rose to fame thanks to the Ullu web series “Khul Ja Sim Sim.”

image 3

The popularity of the Khul Ja Sim Sim web series is mostly attributable to Nikita Chopra’s allure and seductive performances. She only contributes to one ullu app web series. Nevertheless, she amassed a sizable fan base thanks to this web series.

5. Mishti Basu

One of the prettiest ullu web series actresses is Mishti Basu. She began her career with “Palang tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar.” Since then, she has had a much larger fan base. Free Web serie Android Apps

image 4

Mishti has participated in several ullu online series. She most recently appeared in “Charmsukh Salahkaar.” Mishti collaborated with several other OTT applications in addition to the ullu app, including Kooku, Voovi, Digimovieplex, etc.

6. Rajsi Verma

A model and well-known ullu web series actress from India is Rajsi Verma. Rajsi’s appearance in the Ullu web series is popular. One of the most popular actresses on the Ullu app is Rajsi.

image 5

She has contributed to several online series for the ullu app, including “Saas Bahu & NRI,” “Tauba Tauba,” “Palang tod damaad Ji,” and others. Rajsi has also collaborated with men.

7. Ridhima Tiwari

Indian actress Ridhima Tiwari is well-known for her work in ullu web series actress. The majority of people are familiar with Ridhima because of her online series “Rajni Kaand,” which debuted on the Cineprime app. She gains fame in the web series market after this series.

image 6

Riddhima is using the Ullu App more frequently these days. Jalebi Bai, one of the well-known Ullu App online series, was her first creation. Walkman is the latest Ullu web serial by Riddhima. This web series has three segments thus far. Each segment has 3 episodes.

8. Aliya Naaz

One of the industry’s most attractive actresses in the ullu web series actress is Alia Naaz. The current queen of the web series business is Alia Naaz, who began her career in the Bhojpuri sector. Alia has experience working with a variety of OTT platforms, such as the applications

image 7

Primeshots and Ullu. Alia Naaz mostly produced web series for prime shots. She is a star who frequently appears on the Primeshots app. Choodiwala was Alia Naaz’s first Ullu web series. In the Choodiwala web series, Alia portrayed the part of “Sangeeta”.

9. Jinnie Jaaz

On the Ullu app, Jinnie Jazz is one of the cutest ullu web series actress. She participated in the renowned online series “Jaane Anjane mein” on the Ullu app. Jinnie received a lot of attention as a result of this online series.

image 8

After seeing this web series, all fans of the Ullu online series demand that Jinnie Jaaz be cast in every future web series. Five seasons of the web series “Charmsukh Jaane Anjane mein” have been released by Ullu to date.

10. Sneha Paul

In the Ullu App Industry, actress Sneha Paul is well-known. The ullu web series actress “Charmsukh Chawl House,” which Sneha Paul created, helped her gain fame. Sneha Paul was the main factor in this web series’ popularity.

image 9

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